CulverVista Deep Dive

Client: Johnson & Johnson Vision

Project Description: Focused competitive analysis “Deep Dive” culminating in a senior executive share out

Challenges: Deep Dive burnout amongst the audience – without presenting our findings in an entirely new way, we risked our research and insights living and dying at the conference table, and not translating into action outside of the presentation.


My Role: Marketing analytics and research for R&D sector. Presentation design and development. Support document design and development.

Results: After a sea of standard corporate template PowerPoints, this presentation inspired by the bright, colorful watercolor graphics of the competitor’s packaging stood out amongst the crowd. Including a printed booklet as a physical support document that featured the 10 key takeaways from the presentation was a completely unprecedented move in this organization (that typically relies exclusively on PowerPoints and emails). The booklet became a major talking point after the meeting ended, and the physical presence of 10 calls to action in executive offices kept this Deep Dive on top of the pile for budget considerations.